Air Conditioning Labels

Air Con Service Stickers designed for the engine bay. Our inks and vinyls are outdoor [waterproof] rated as standard but we go a step further and laminate all our labels with a clear protective layer to make them last even longer and protect against wear, scuffing and chemicals.

If you service Air Con Systems then you must be registered [Australia] [NZ is working through the regulations] and with that you must use a sticker that covers the regulations.  Licence number, Operator number, Gas type, Filter change, Dye used etc etc.

We can create a personalised Air Con Service Sticker with everything covered, all you have to do is click the link below.

Air Con Service Sticker 45×68 mm [larger available on request]

  • x250  $0.62   $155
  • x500  $0.53   $265
  • x1000 $0.47  $470