Digital File Requirements

  1. ACCEPTED FILE TYPES. We accept PDF, EPS & AI file types. We would prefer these files were saved from Adode Illustrator where possible. Be aware that creating arwork in other software such as Flexisign etc could cause ‘unknown shading types’ or ‘non-native artwork’ issues that can produce undesired results, especially with gradient artwork. To be supplied as a print ready CMYK file NOT RGB. Please embed images & outline fonts
  2. VISUAL PROOF Please supply a JPEG or screenshot proof of your artwork for our reference. We cannot proceed without this. A "jpeg" is a flat image which we use as a quality control tool against your supplied artwork, It allows us to check that nothing has dropped off or moved in your file.
  3. FONTS In the first instance, please convert your fonts to PATHS/OUTLINES/CURVES or if necessary supply thefont along with the art file.
  4. TEMPLATES Please use the supplied template where applicable, please read the template title to ensure you have the correct type and size. Artwork in incorrect templates will be returned to you.
  5. COLOUR MATCHING.Please advise Pantone numbers for any colours that require matching, we can supply you a colour chart if requested. Grey tones are to be made from percentages of black (K) not CMYK mixes.
  6. PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES Please supply in CMYK for colour images and Greyscale for black & white, not RGB. Image needs to be
    supplied at a minimum of 150dpi @100% size. Please embed images into the file.
  7. RESOLUTION & QUALITY The file needs to be supplied at 100% full size at a minimum of 150dpi at full size. Final production quality will reflect the artwork you have supplied.
  8. FTP SITE We have an FTP service available for handling larger files, please contact us for use of this service.
  9. FABRIC PROOF We recommend getting an A4 Fabric proof printed at a very small fee, colours can sometimes produce unexpected results when sublimated onto fabrics. Two samples are supplied. One at 10% full image & one at 100% crop of image.
  10. ARTWORK ALTERATIONS In the event we need to make alterations to your artwork, this is charged out at $90 + GST per hour. This is discussed prior to any work proceeding.