Event Signage

Event Signage And Effective Low Budget Advertising Guide

event mesh banners

There are dozens of factors to consider when it comes to event management. However, event signage and effective low budget advertising are usually at the top of that list for most organisers. Planners want to know the best ways promote their event, and create a unique, branded experience and get excellent bag for buck.

One way of creating a uniform branded aesthetic across the scope of your whole event is to use event signage and mesh banners. Mesh banners are also an incredibly effective form of low budget advertising.

Here at Signcentre, we’re experts in large scale printing and have many years experience in event signage. We’ve created event signage for numerous festivals, lifestyle events and promotional programs. When it comes to creating effective signage for your event, and achieving that all-important uniform aesthetic on a low budget, there are a range of options.

Check out the types of banner mesh and event signage below, and determine which is right for you and your event.

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