Floor graphics

floor graphics

Floor Decals! Floor Ads, floor Stickers, Floor Graphics...

Activate your ad campaign, right at Point-of-Sale. Use the floor space right in front of your product!

By elevating your campaign to "top of mind" and linking your campaign to your product on the shelf, Floor Decals close the sale set in motion by your ad campaign.

Your ad campaign is a continuous sales presentation. And just as "asking for the order" is the final step of a successful sales presentation, Floor Decals broadcast your brand message to ask for the order at Point-of-Sale, where 70% of brand purchase decisions are made. Floor Decals deliver the Last Word in an integrated ad campaign, extending it to this critical point of decision. Floor Decals give you the assurance that, when shoppers make their buying decisions, your ad campaign is not a distant memory -- it is the biggest thing on their minds!


  • Floor Decals motivate impulse purchases from every consumer in the store
  • Floor Decals drive traffic to your brand
  • Floor Decals display your ad in front of consumers at decision time
  • Floor Decals build equity in-store
  • Floor Decals highlight brands with limited or poor shelf space.
  • Floor Decals directs consumers to your brand.
  • Floor Decals increase brand awareness at time of purchase
  • Floor Decals are very effective when launching a new product

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