Presentation Folder A4 - P1

FOLDERS are like ‘power dressing’ your documents. Here's how you go about choosing a folder.

  1. Choose a folder that fits your needs:
  • Do you need to hold DL, A5 or A4’s?
  • How much will you put in each folder?

When you have lots of literature to present, you need to get fat. We’re not suggesting laying off the aerobics. No, we mean get Document Folders. They hold up to 2cm of paper - perfect for meaty brochures, CDs, samples and wads of literature. - Do you want business card slots? (Not all the folders have business card slots so keep your eye’s peeled).

2. See what’s available in your chosen size

  • We have a wide range of options for you to choose from.

3. Match the price with your quantity.

  • Select your quantity from as low as 125!
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