Steering Wheel Wraparounds

Steering Wheel Wraparounds

For when your client REALLY needs to know and telling them is just not going to be enough, Tear-off wraparounds are a sure-fire way of making sure they do.

Inform your clients

  • Which wheels were serviced     ‘Check the Wheelnuts’
  • The brakes have been serviced   ‘Be careful of use’
  • Urgent attention required   ‘Warning’
  • The following has been disabled   ‘Do NOT attempt to use’
  • Thanks  ‘Thanks for your custom’
  • & many many more

Full-colour wraparounds   (42x210mm)  adhesive strip

  • x100    $75      $o.75 each
  • x200   $110     $o.55 each
  • x500   $195     $.o39 each
  • x1000 $295     $.o29.5 each
  • x2000 $495     $.o24.7 each

All prices exclude GST, freight and setup fees.