Wrap Terms and Conditions

Vehicle Wrap Terms & Conditions

  1. Proofs are created on a flat surface and viewed at a relatively tiny size on computer screens and 8 inch printed paper. In cases of curves, handles, deep grooves, rubber moldings/trim, on-the-spot adjustments may be made by the installer to assure maximum readability or alignment. In many cases there are slight differences between the printed flat paper proof and the 3 dimensional curved vehicle wrap.

  2. Where Signcentre Wraps provides the artwork, it is essential the client fully checks the final proof with the actual vehicle to check for any variations (i.e. style of lights, positioning of number plates and other major (no. of doors) or minor variations.

  3. It is not reasonable to expect an inkjet printed vinyl wrap to cover and look exactly like paint or in all the same places look exactly the same.  A piece of vinyl has limits and can only stretch so much before it changes color.  In many cases, a relief cut has to be made into the vinyl that will reveal a small amount of the original vehicles paint color under the vinyl.  In some cases a patch needs to be installed to conceal the vehicle’s original color.  It is the only option.  Areas under door handles, mirrors, behind gas caps, and inside door frames will not be wrapped.  If we wrap extreme curved surfaces such as mirrors and bumpers they may reveal the original paint color at the tight edges of the wrap.  It has more to do with material limitations and not install quality.

  4. Some vehicles have body indents (i.e. Hummers) and since we cannot stretch the vinyl more than ¼”, we are forced to cut the vinyl and cover only the areas that are viewed from a straight-on view of the vehicle.  Areas around door handles, mirrors, door locks, wiper motors, antenna, roof racks, etc. are very difficult to make look perfect, and it is very common to cut the vinyl around these areas and piece in the extra vinyl to cover the extra body areas that the vinyl could not cover.