Vehicle Stripping Service

Vehicle wraps and signage removal can be very time consuming and you can damage the paint if you don't know what your doing!

This is a question that we hear almost with every client that inquires about car wraps.  The concern is; are vehicles wraps easy to remove?  The answer is: YES.

If the vehicle has been wrapped with a high-quality car wrap vinyl then the removal process is very easy.  All is needed is a heat source, preferably a heat gun, some experience and a lot of patience.

High-quality films made by Avery and 3M are designed to leave no adhesive residue when removed.  However, it is important to keep in mind that both of these brands manufacture many different vinyl where some have very strong adhesive and are not designed for vehicle wraps, choosing the right wrap vinyl is very important.

The removal process of a vehicle wrap is also important.  The wrap needs to be heated to reach a certain degree and pulled back slowly in a 45 degree angle.  Using both hands with the fingers spread open so contact is made to the most of the surface of the film while pulling back.  Do not yank the film.  If the car wrap has been on the vehicle for more than 3 years then there is a chance that the adhesion is pretty strong, yanking the film may cause separation from the vinyl and laminate.  A car wrap without a laminate is very difficult to remove.

Also, it is very important to make sure when your wrap is installed that you request NO Primer is used…  There is an old school of thought that using the 3M Primer 94 on the edges is necessary to seal the vinyl to avoid separation and water getting under the film.  This is not true, if the installer takes his/her time and the necessary steps to prepare the surface, install the vinyl properly and perform the post installation requirements then there is absolutely no need to use a primer.

Removing a car wrap where a primer has been used on the edges is a nightmare…  This not only causes the vinyl & laminate to separate but the adhesive residue left behind is extremely difficult to remove and clean.

Many wrap shops and independent installers use 3M Primer 94 to speed-up the installation process by not performing the necessary steps for an installation that will last for years rather than months.  Using the primer is like cheating on a test so you can barely get a passing grade.

It is important to keep in mind that Primer 94 is required when wrapping boats and other water crafts, but that is another blog coming soon…

To conclude if and when a car wrap is installed properly will not only give your vehicle a unique look but will also protect your vehicle’s original paint resulting in a higher resale value.

We hope this article answers your question about removing a car wrap.